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Lucid Dreaming Exhibition Opening, Traffic Jam Galleries

An exhibition of my new work will be on show from this Thursday 11th sept, 2014 @ Traffic Jam Galleries in Neutral Bay. 

The surreal nature of the work that I have made for this exhibition reflects the fractured and incoherent imagery associated with dreaming and our ability to tap into other parts of the psyche through lucid dreaming. 

Through these sculptures I relate the process of creation to conscious dreaming. Just as in lucid dreaming the conscious and the unconscious collide to produce a new state of self-awareness. In my sculptures I tap into the sense of play and absurdity that is often lost after childhood. My intention through this project is to encourage the viewer to reconnect with their subconscious thoughts and dreams, and to reconnect with that sense of playfulness that dissipates after childhood.  

Sculpture by the Sea wants ME!

I have had exciting news. My proposal for Sculpture by the Sea has been accepted! I'll be exhibiting my Gokko-Neko and Gokko-Inu sculptures around the cliff face of The Boot as you approach the Icebergs. This means I'll be a busy bee but there's nothing like an imminent deadline for motivation. I'll also be making a small inflatable piece for the SxS indoor exhibition. In the mean time I have managed to squeeze in time to complete Gokko-Uma (Make Believe Pony). This piece is based on the timeless kids character "My Little Pony", hope you can tell!. My first pony is being exhibited down in Melbourne at the Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition at Weideman by Douglas Clarke, 474 Toorak Rd. The show runs till the 31st May. I'm still juggling work with teaching and I am very excited to be one of the first guest teachers to run at workshop at Jane Sawyer's Slow Clay ceramic studio in Melbourne. I've had so many enquiries from Victoria that I've decided to finally make it happen. The printing on clay workshop will run on Sat 14th & Sun 15th of July, 2012. Feel free to get in touch with Jane if you're interested!

2012: Another year has gone....whoosh...

A great year of change for me. A new job, a new horse (sculpture), and a new place to live (coming soon!). I still teach at The Workshop Arts Centre in Willoughby though and its actually an exciting time there because the ceramic studio is getting a face lift. So if you'd like to come and check out the new facilities come and do a Summer Workshop!. I'll be running a Printing on Clay wknd and a Mould Making & Casting workshop in Jan

Sculpture 2011

SMH 001.jpg

A little bit of promotion goes a long way! Now that this dog has become a celebrity, I'll be in the studio making more!