Blog: PeTRA

Lucid Dreaming Exhibition Opening, Traffic Jam Galleries

An exhibition of my new work will be on show from this Thursday 11th sept, 2014 @ Traffic Jam Galleries in Neutral Bay. 

The surreal nature of the work that I have made for this exhibition reflects the fractured and incoherent imagery associated with dreaming and our ability to tap into other parts of the psyche through lucid dreaming. 

Through these sculptures I relate the process of creation to conscious dreaming. Just as in lucid dreaming the conscious and the unconscious collide to produce a new state of self-awareness. In my sculptures I tap into the sense of play and absurdity that is often lost after childhood. My intention through this project is to encourage the viewer to reconnect with their subconscious thoughts and dreams, and to reconnect with that sense of playfulness that dissipates after childhood.